Exciting Experience

“Dear Karen – Spencer, Thank you so much for making the purchase of my beautiful new car such an exciting experience. Your caring attitude and super efficiency make you very good at what you do. Thank you again for taking such great care of me.”

Thanks Again

Thanks again Spencer for helping me, you are the best!

Great News

F.Y.I., it seems that purchasing an auto (at S&S Auto) in Mexico is much easier than changing the utilities into your name.

Professional Sales

Your professionalism in handling the sale of my vehicle was greatly appreciated, thank you.

Impressive Service

I want to express how impressed I am with S&S Auto. I had heard high praise from many people at “Lakeside” of their services. But really, I thought, how hard can it be to buy a car, or in my case a used motorcycle … Well let me assure you negotiations in Mexico are NOTHING like Stateside. The bottom line is the fee for S&S’ service (for a purchasing a used vehicle only) turned out to be a bargain.

Maybe the best bargain I’ve found in Mexico! Make no mistake about it – this company is a team. Thanks to their skill in negotiation, knowledge of the Mexican culture and hidden expenses, not to mention their fluency in Spanish, I ended up getting a deal …

Wonderful Staff

The staff at S&S is wonderful, and the service provided has been great.

No Hassles

Now that we had an idea of what we were looking for, we were faced with the reality of actually having to go out and buy the vehicle. Buying a car is not one of life’s most enjoyable past times for most of us, and the thought of having to face Guadalajara … we needed help … Michael Eager told us about Spencer Shulman, who owns S&S Auto … Meeting up with Spencer and Karen was the best thing that could have happened.

In addition to renting and selling used cars, Spencer offers a service to help people, such as ourselves – to buy a new car without hassle, losing sleep or frustration. Spencer knows the car dealers and his Spanish is excellent. ….We love our VW Jetta … Did Spencer get us a good deal? A VW dealer in California, where we picked up an English version of the owner’s manual, said we did. We got more than just a good price – we received a level of service that we would have gladly paid for …”

Happy Beyond Words

Having owned some 65 vehicles in my lifetime and a Chrysler Dealership in Canada, I thought that I knew something about the car business and how to treat customers..it would appear that would not be the case!

My wife Susan and I moved to Ajijic in October 2016. One of our first priorities was to stop at S&S Auto to find out what was going to be involved regarding the purchase of a new car. Spencer took the time to fill us in on all the details required in order to purchase a car in Mexico. Over the next several months we kept in touch with S&S as we moved through the Mexican process. Once we had everything prepared, Spencer took us into Guadalajara on more than one occasion as we tried to settle on a new car. Spencer and his wife Karen made purchasing a new car fun again instead of a point of stress. They handled all the communication with the dealership staff (embarrassingly enough our Spanish needs much improvement) including getting the car registered and insured. We are happy beyond words, buying the car was stress free and fun!!!

Spencer and Karen, we had heard about the level of service you provide…you are outstanding people with an amazing staff!

Thank you for helping us get the right car, and dealing with everything needed to get the car in our driveway.

Extremely grateful for all the help! We are glad to have met you.

Great Service

Spencer and S&S Auto, Thank you for making a tough situation better. Great Service!

Outstanding Service Organization

S&S Auto is an outstanding service organization! I was amazed by the level and quality of assistance I was provided, and the speed and efficiency with which they enabled me to achieve my goal of purchasing two very different vehicles, one new and one used! Spencer Shulman is a delight to work with and an expert at what he does. He is familiar with every brand of vehicle, every model, all of their specifications, and all of their prices – at his fingertips! He easily gains access to every dealership and addresses their service personnel on a first-name basis! I wish my remarks to be interpreted as providing the highest recommendation I am capable of providing.

Above and Beyond

Dear Lorena, Stephanie and Monica – We can’t thank you enough for all of your help with Mom and Dad’s car. You really went “above and beyond” and we are so grateful!

Exceeding Expectations

We have been happily driving our new Mazda for about a month. Now we are writing to thank you for making our purchase a truly effortless and completely rewarding experience

To repeat a comment to Spencer one day, you have fine-tuned your business model to perfection. Years ago, in the large enterprise software business, we strove to “delight our customer, and exceed his expectations”. We say now, that in our transaction with S&S, each and every member of your team worked as a unit to thoroughly delight us, and exceed our own expectations in every way.

Spencer heard our requirements, showed us models we wanted to see –expertly explaining every feature and option of various makes. We made our choice, and several days later our new car was delivered at your lot ready to drive home — licensed, registered, insured, and made fully compliant with every (seemingly arcane) Mexican regulation. Karen then followed up with a thorough half-hour ‘cockpit’ check before she turned us loose, making sure that we understood the function of every button, control, and software feature of this sophisticated vehicle.

We simply cannot imagine, as the alternative, how complicated, time-consuming, and error-prone it would be for an ex-pat to purchase a car from a Guadalajara dealer on his or her own.

And unexpectedly as it turns out, we learned that our relationship will continue for years, as your business model extends to after-sale care in the form of providing dealer regularly scheduled and required warranty service by Mazda-Guadalajara. We remain delighted with our car and with the team at S&S.

Hoping that our thanks, and admiration will be conveyed to your entire staff,


Abundance of Information

Hello Karen, I wanted to share a note of thanks with you for the abundance of information you educated my husband and I with! It was not only about cars, you included additional info, and ideas that were so helpful. You did not have to take so much time with us, but your kind heart helped us take a deep breath, and feel comforted about this move.

I know you were simply welcoming us in a natural way, however, that is what makes you respected and successful in the community!

I look forward to our next conversation.

So Well Treated

Spencer and Karen, just a note thank you again for all your help with both of our cars, new and old. We’ll be sure to tell all our friends how well you treated us, how easy it was to do business with your office and lovely staff and how easy you made the whole ugly process of new vehicle acquisition and old vehicle disposal.  Looking forward to doing business with your again and having our friends enjoy the same excellent experience that Paul and I did.

Thank you again.

Gracias a Todos

Karen, Mariana, Spencer – Gracias a todos!


Mi Amplia Recomendacion

Por medio de la presente extiendo mi amplia recomendación a la empresa Multiservicios S&S SA de CV con la cual hemos estando trabajando en conjunto con nuestras ventas de autos tanto nuevos como seminuevos, la cual no tengo ningun problema en remendarla, como una empresa seria y de calidad.

Extiendo la presente para fines que al interesado convengan.

Nice people

To S&S Auto, Where nice people make nice things happen! Much appreciated and love the new car.

Selling my Truck

Spencer, Thank you very much for helping me to sell my truck. You have been more than kind and generous.  I still owe you lunch!

Thank you

Extra Mile

Once again I must thank you for taking such wonderful care of a client My friend, Melinda Marinoff is so excited about her new car and about her experience with S&S Auto. I thank you both for going that extra mile to give her confidence and even make her feel a little pampered you are both so good at making your clients feel special.  With best wishes for your continued success.


Por medio de la presente hacemos de su conocimiento que el Sr. Spencer Shulman representante legal de la empresa Multi-Servicios S&S SA de CV con domicilio Av. Hidalgo 421, Riberas del Pilar, Chapala, Jal., CP 45900, tiene 10 años como cliente de Vehículos Atomotrices y Marinos SA de CV, siendo una persona que siempre ha presentado en tiempo y forma sus pagos y no tiene adeudos actualmente con la Agencia.

Se extiende la presente a solicitud del interesado para los fines que a el convengan.


Por medio de la presente, queremos hacer de su conocimiento que el Sr. Spencer Alden Shulman, es clilente de nuestra empresa, desde hace aproximadamente 10 años, cambiando sue facturacion a nombre de Mult-Servicios S&S SA de CV, desde el mes de Noviembre de 2009.

Cabe mencionar que el Sr. Alden Shulman, siempre ha mantenido su credito con nuestra empresa, gracias a su excelente forma de pago, ya que no ha tenido atraso alguno en sus pagos. La presente se hace a solicitud del cliente para los fines legales que a el convengan.

Sin mas por el momento, me es grato quedar de uds. para cualquier duda o aclaracion.