Having owned some 65 vehicles in my lifetime and a Chrysler Dealership in Canada, I thought that I knew something about the car business and how to treat customers..it would appear that would not be the case!

My wife Susan and I moved to Ajijic in October 2016. One of our first priorities was to stop at S&S Auto to find out what was going to be involved regarding the purchase of a new car. Spencer took the time to fill us in on all the details required in order to purchase a car in Mexico. Over the next several months we kept in touch with S&S as we moved through the Mexican process. Once we had everything prepared, Spencer took us into Guadalajara on more than one occasion as we tried to settle on a new car. Spencer and his wife Karen made purchasing a new car fun again instead of a point of stress. They handled all the communication with the dealership staff (embarrassingly enough our Spanish needs much improvement) including getting the car registered and insured. We are happy beyond words, buying the car was stress free and fun!!!

Spencer and Karen, we had heard about the level of service you provide…you are outstanding people with an amazing staff!

Thank you for helping us get the right car, and dealing with everything needed to get the car in our driveway.

Extremely grateful for all the help! We are glad to have met you.